International, Integrated Project was made power with Turkey Association of Retired Soldier Officers

The Supreme Turkish Nation,
Great Nation,

Greath Healthy Community and Elderly and Patient Caregiver’s Association with the Turkish Association of Retired  Soldier Officers (TESUD) was made porwer for  the international, İntegrated  elderly and patient care project.

Within the scope of the Turkey General Project to be launched,

To Turkish young people and the Grand National were decided to cooperate in the project to provide contemporary vocational training together and to provide job opportunities to be included in the control system of at least 3 million people.

Everything is for the country, everything is for the future, the nations can not own the past, they can not build the future,

To educate our future with the most modern education, with contemporary methods, is a must for the future bright days.

Dear TESUD General President Erdoğan KARAKUŞEH.Hv.Keygeneral,
B. Healthy Society Association Serpil Keskin

Great Healthy Community and  Elderly and Patient Care Givers Asst.