24 May 2019,Gelderland healthy life valley meeting organized by European Entrepreneurship Commission

Hollanda sağlık vadisi direktörü ile başkanımız

We were toured the various fields.

For 2 million Gelderlans and 17 million Dutch,

We congratulated them,

20 million Istanbul healthy living villages compulsory illness and old age,project, 35 million Marmara Region long-term care, 

We gave information about our maintenance integrated project.

The project was met with great surprise by the Dutch authorities and was impressed by the size and complexity of the project and the efforts to be made with the technology investment. Our President said that they had not heard about this project for the first time and they were surprised.

unable to get support from any institution in Turkey so this

İspanya delegesi ile sayın başkanımız

We stated that we need 82 billion EU as part of the project to make the gigantic project go fast and that there is a 500 billion EU cycle with international investment and that we have created solutions in many countries.

It was stated that studies were carried out especially in Istanbul.

Therefore, it was informed that a multitude of countries spending money through joint ventures should not be converted into international economic efficiency by investing in realistic projects, and that many people should find jobs and transformed into productivity by considering the changing economic structure with the changing population.

Gelderland Allego Ceo si ile projeye destek veren şirket direktörü ile sayın başkanımız

He was invited to a closed meeting in November.

In addition, it was emphasized that not only Europe, where all of these would be discussed in detail, but also the Global structure with the participation of Asia, Africa, Turkish States and other countries.

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