Netherlands Gelderland Project was introduced at the European Commission Entrepreneurship Meeting

In our meeting in May, various studies were discussed and discussed as part of the Entrepreneurship Department on Healthy Life organized by the European Commission NAT Commission.

The Netherlands Gelderland authorities received 40 million EU support and informed about the project budget.

NATIONAL PROJECT CARE scope as Turkey, Istanbul Marmara region as pilot provinces and cities and 20 million which will be held in the upcoming regional population of 25-30 million and 82 million Turkish citizens; healthy, health care, life project was explained,

Compared to Gelderland, it was considered a gigantic structure. Turkey is working on such a large project was learned  first time.

That the need for cooperation between Turkey and the Netherlands and Turkey and the Turkish nation‘s enormous wellness work best in conjunction with the establishment of international cooperation as a serious integrated health care system and lasting example would be specified. And he was invited in Turkey. If a realistic structure put this issue with Turkish-Dutch joint venture said that given a good example to the world.


It was emphasized that being moderate and constructive on both sides of this issue is important for international work.

Turkey will be discussed at the November meeting to collaborate and together we will decide what path to follow,


Presidency of Great Healthy Community Association,