Our Association in the Regional Economic Commission of the European Parliament,

Our association and its president was elected to the Regional Economic Commission of the European Parliament. Selected as the letter of Delegates, Serpil Keskin and our association, all decisions and pre be taken for Turkey, on behalf of the one and only Turkish as to do work, as possible into short, in favor of Turkey will participate in the discussion will be found in all structures. Eliminate the negativities,

21. century; reconciliation, as the year of our agreement to solve our problems by talking, we saw the Republic of Turkey will be beneficial  ” she said.

Turkey to be the first step in the regional commissions that the Turkish people and government of the European and World closing therefore, we are thinking  that by talking  which is a way of reconciliation is more important.
These commissions are crucial for joint cooperation and for countries to recognize each other.

Board of Great Healthy Community Associaton