Dear Turkish Nation and Great Nation,

Educational project studies will be started to prepare the nursing services that we have been preparing since 2010 as a profession and to find a response in the ACCREDİTED and in EUROPE. In March 2019

Long-term care, short-term care training for physician and nurse training will begin in March 2019.

Since 2010, our association has become a rent and some people or institutions to make money from here with the caregiver and profession, all the work and the formation of the profession and work with them in a strange approach to ignore the work and  the law.

In addition, national care nursing education and occupational development, mandatory old age and disease state care insurance, physician nurse training and all these structures and all of the lower and upper structures of HEALTHY SOCIETY AND LARGE HEALTHY SOCIETY is a project with aged and patient care and all the idea. rights belong to our association.

We will send a warning letter to the institutions we have identified first, then we will open a lawsuit for compensation and make our complaints to the prosecutor, mislead the society, provide benefits, cause the damage to the society and the country administration, the lawsuits will be opened and the announcement in Turkish and English can be written to the European Union and the Community countries and the United Nations.

Reports in the European countries and relevant international institutions regarding Turkey will be sent to the consulates and the Embassy.

A copy will be sent to the relevant ministers.

It is announced to the Great Turkish Nation and Nation,

President of Great Healthy Community Association