May 13, 2018, Mothers Day, Anniversary Day, and 15-19 May 1919 THE GREAT MAN WHICH HAS STARTED THE WAR OF SALVATION, THE NEW ROAD

Great Nation,

It was 13th May 2018 Anniversary Day,

We celebrate Mother’s Day for world women, we need to work very hard to be worthy of mothers ..

Indeed, if there is Mother Love, we are; You will make laugh the faces of all your mothers, you will  manage with rule the state fairly, you will not leave the people unemployed, without intimidation, sincere, honest and virtuous, good morality,

If they do not exist, I do not want to live a day in vain.

 19 May 1919 15 May output in ISTANBUL was not so easy as everyone explained.

  Atatürk does not have a single penny in his pocket, he is quiet, he is afraid of being caught at any moment along the shore, and is afraid of being caught up in an old swap with fear of being killed.

At the end of 4 days Samsun was reached. He began to explain the plans of our present Ata for meetings and salvation in a way that everyone could understand …

It is not easy days … hard … no money, no standing, no wheat in the ambition, the country is in the hands of foreigners, the economy has collapsed, the foot is lean, the back is naked … there is no such thing,

That big MAN ..