G. Healthy Community Association’s President 5-7 July on Now York 2017

On July 5-7, 2017, B Healthy Society Society New York represented the United Nations in the Age of Aging Problems.

President of the association, Mr. Keskin, who successfully represented Turkey, told the world about the NATIONAL MAINTENANCE PROJECT and went through the formalities.

The National Care Scheme is designed to help the future of the care system that will be passed on to the official health care system and to improve the health care system and reduce the duration of treatment. it is easier to reach healthful aging with healthy care. And he said that old travels will be secured with health care insurance, health and thermal tourism will be spread, and the door will open in the international community circulation.

Our president, who has been admired by his statements from the first day, with uncompromising calm, constructive stance.

Turkey sent a young president saying good words were sent.

Our president, who has developed good friendships and cooperations, has left the stamp of Turkish people like the Turkish Wind since the first day.

Great Healthy Society Association