BE SUPPORT OR GO…..Dont give up, forward go , and go, forever,

Our international work is continuing rapidly this year. Our Association is working for effective resolutions while attending United Nations meetings.whic is  following Europea, Geneva meetings.
This year in particular the right to participate in international joint ventures not only implement our project in a meeting about to be held later than April that and only multinational employees and successful results in the area to do joint ventures to be supporting our association and our number’s chairman Serpil Keskin projects representing Turkey, our projects and our association this year will take effective decisions that will bring these processes to the forefront.

Our Association is one and only, the official representative of the European working Commission.
This year will be partners with 3 or 4 countries. And These countries are advanced countries and the southern Europe countries have accelerated their work

The May meeting is very important for this reason.

Our Association participates in the work with permanent duties in groups providing ASIA PACIFIC, EUROPE, WORKING GROUP, UNITED NATIONS, MOST INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ( health…etc) AND ECONOMIC COOPERATION.

Our projects and international events, which we will be active this year, are especially our distinguished scientists who are Keskin  and whose names will be explained later. They are planned to make effective work all over the world and initiatives are being made to pass on the life.

For this reason, let the do not gossip, don’t threats,  don’t slander  be support us with contemporary works,


Great Healthy Community Association and Elderly and Patient Caregivers