This a Anouncement for Patient Caregiver Trainer

In this regard, there is a need for trainees to train general caregivers in Turkey.

The applicants;

1. Applicants will be required to apply for 4 year health, education faculty training formations, nurses, 2 year old care technicians.

2- Applicants will be trained in 80 hours certificate and pedagogical formation, patient care and health education, training of patient caregivers in the regions, who will be trained in Turkey, selected from among those who will follow the plans and programs in Turkey.

In this study, they will be accompanied by care coordinators and the care coordinators will plan the area in advance. Planning starts.

Previous applications are classified and will start as second  stage in Bursa, Ankara, İzmir and Trabzon in the firts  stage where  in Mardin, Sirnak, Istanbul, Eskisehir will start at 2017 October,

We will ask the applicants to do these things first,

Patient carer candidate applications continue.

Please do not apply for forms other than the qualifications appropriate for the forms. Otherwise, the program will be deactivated.

Each applicant will pass the test, which will be perception, attitude, behavior, psychiatric tests.

Psychologists and clinical psychologists are also needed.

Tests prepared for valuable professions in these sciences will be reviewed and passed through scientific evaluations.

We are waiting for applications in our international work.

Preliminary registrations are currently being made in pilot cases. In October 2017 ,This is the deadline.

President of the Great Healthy Community Association