National care of Turkey will start in September 2017( Integrated International Elderly and Patient Care)

Distinguished Supportists, Our Project Partners, Participants, All Institutions,

We work has been initiated by all the municipalities and governorships initiated by the Healthy Society Association and maintained by the Great Healthy Society Association and covered by the national care (international integrated geriatric and nursing care) project at 7 years.

All relevant institutions, agencies and governorships will be held for regional meetings, and all infrastructure works and business partnerships will be completed within 30 days.

Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Vocational Qualifications Authority Our call letters will be gone within 15 days.

Our international information mails goes to all international institutions.

This year, we will do all the sub-topics with the conference (21-23 September 2017 in this year, and a national and international union will be ensured and an independent team will be established under the presidency of Turkey  in Turkey .Information  is provided to The World Health Organization, United Nations, European Parliament, The African Union, the Asian Unions, Japan, the United States, and the Turkish Republics.

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