Dear Friends,

Elderly and Patient  Care’s educations, which are pilot studies of our national care project, which started in the Presidency of Healthy Community andGreat Healthy Comunity  – Elderly Patient Care Associations, have come to the last stage of the preparations on the basis of illusions, and courses will come to the west starting from the easternmost part of the east.

We will soon be delivering educational videos,

With this training, the international accreditation of Turkey will be given and professional standards will be taken and Turkey will start to provide a respectable and renowned care service throughout the world with a structure compatible with the European Union.

In a pilot study of the pro- ject where the preparations were made and the applicants were admitted,

4-professions were formed as 1-carer, 2-educator, 3-carer coordinator, 4-health inspector. These professions will be described and documented in the field of compulsory elderly and sickness care defined by the project field study from our international and national fully independent academic and professional bodies in the course of the archeology.

Moreover, this contemporary structure will bring out quality service and citizens of Turkey and Turkish citizens living in Turkey will be only open.

Patient caring is not a coincidental work but a modern high school graduate, a good graduate, speaks a lyric, speaks human psychology, has knowledge of law and management, knows a lot about ALL HEALTH AND CARE SERVICES, between doctor and nurse The only person who will do the care service will shorten the process of the treatment, will relent to the pain, and the elderly and professionals to look after the diseases will be introduced and they will be educated with great care.

We, as an association, are a small group which does not bring any work done but we are a distinguished group. We have been working for 7 years in order to bring the best care system to Turkey by means of knowing and experienced,

In this project, 3 million jobs and employment gates will be opened and all work will be under control. Work with care coordinators and health inspectors in order to avoid abuse will be checked at home care, institutional care, and the independent committee will not ignore any errors.

This project will be the starting point in our project which will be launched in the third year of tourism and will initiate projects that will bring economic development to Turkey with 150 billion dollars.

With care insurance, all projects and services will be funded and our citizens will not pay for care, and the health care service, which is the social state principle, will be as if it is in the most contemporary civilized nations.

When we are old and we are sick, we will follow from the hospital to the house.

National Care It will bring about a restructuring in health. Certain mandatory changes will also need to be made in order to train all health personnel, integrate with the relevant compulsory social security-related illness and old-age care law.

The compulsory old age and sickness care law will benefit the public at the highest level, making it easier for the relevant legislation to work.

Cancer patients should be treated at home for the elderly, Alzheimer’s patients, chronic heart disease and chronic chest diseases ..VB patients will serve a great deal, the patient’s disease period is healthy and the treatment will be made more peaceful and happy. The duration of treatment will be shortened and it will be. This will reduce costs five times because of the shortening of the treatment period.

There will be no money coming out of the state treasury to the katrlyons. We will not be redundant and our state will not be unnecessarily borrowed. Our country is not a diseased country, it will be a healthy, viable country that lifts old people who are ill.

This is the National Care.

Healthy Community