National Care


The internationally accredited Project for Training Elderly Patient Care Providers, one of the most important problems in Turkey, has been signed by Dr. Mustafa Kemal Biçerli , General Manager of Lifelong Learning Department of the Ministry of Education and Serpil Keskin, Founder and Chairman of the Association of a Healthy Community; Istanbul was selected as a pilot city for this Project on October 2013-2015. The training manuals are being prepared and teaching will soon start at the Bayrampaşa Professional Health Colleges. Training will be provided within the framework of an international accreditation program and will start on November 2014 .

Press conferences will be organized on 01 June 2015 in order to inform the public.
New Press Conference was made  on March 7, 2017 for public information

This post high school training is provided free of charge and certificates of adequacy, international accreditation and professional competence will be delivered to the students in conformity with international standards. The accreditation certificates which will be granted following a test will be renewed every 5 years. It will be continue until 2020

Our aim is the provide a modern(international care and integrated accredation  care system and reliable care service to the elderly  and patients in conformity with the E.U criteria, by training caregivers which will work in a medical team under doctors and nurses.

Professional healthcare will thus be provided in homes, private and public hospitals, old age homes as well as children homes.

80 million citizens of the Republic of Turkey will provide patient care, with compulsory health insurance law,( draft finished)

3 Million People will found  good, modern work as guarenteed in this system, modern education will come, Follow-up and control system will start, yes we are , we are doing a health reform as civil association,

All these studies; Contemporary and modern Turkey

We are happy and proud of this Project which will serve the population in need of healthcare and wish to thank Dr. Kemal Biçerli, the Social projects program, as well as all our partners in this project for their cooperation and support.

Healthy Community Association