20- 21 September 2017 Ageing, Ministries Congress in Lisbon Portugal

Our President has successfully represented Turkey in the meeting between the ministries in the world old age congress.

Firstly, at the Lisbon ministerial meeting in Lisbon, the Portuguese minister and his team were very successful and everything was very beautiful. Congratulations again.

On the first day of the 20th of September 2017, our Chairman stated that the importance of the national care project and that Turkey will be an international solution partner not only with itself but also with the quality, trust, high quality education, control and controllable care and health system, it is generally a step to be prosecuted for solving health care problems. November 29, 1 December, 2017, said that this is the first step in the meeting.

21 – 22 September 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, representing the Turkish ministry to the ministry, the chairman of the council discussed the program and the information transferred to all countries. All attendees are told in their lecture talk that they do not want to waste their time with meetings and conversations, but they need rational work to solve the problem. They tell us that they will definitely participate and wait for our response after we have provided information with our problem-solving conference.

In international studies, it is stated that they think that they will return to the countries with the projects, plans and programs that the Turkish people will be able to solve with the problems and how to solve the problems.

At the beginning of October, the co-operation information has begun to be transmitted.

For the first time in Turkey, the international conference will be held at the multinational ministerial level with our ministers and ministers in order to transform the size of the conference into multinational joint work with our international projects.