Healthcare Thermal Tourism (3rd age, healthy life) with at least 15 million jobs and employment opportunities with national maintenance and integrated projects,

In 2010 we started only with patient care, our elderly care project,

1-patient caregiver: at least high school graduates from 18 to 40 years of age, 15 million job opportunities, quality caregiver education, European Union accreditation (We are in the process of submitting proposals to the European Union and starting work with 8 countries. )

2- Patient caregiver’s Trainer: We need 3 million trainees: We have graduated from 2 and 4 year health sciences and have graduated from 4-year education faculties close to health sciences and will give educated trainers with academic training to give quality controlled education

3- Health Care Coordinator:  5 mllions people,Those who provide the control of all these studies and programs should have at least 2 years of school graduation sufficient. All of the filing, program follow-up control, filing in the work place.

4- Health Care Inspectors:  5 millions people ,We are establishing a profession that will consist of graduates of 4-year health sciences or management sciences who will control the entire care and patient care system and will be academically trained by certification training,

All the sub-structures of these studies are ready and we want to start pilot studies in 7 regions.

In the meantime, as the only international study with the care insurance and the law design  3. AGE, HEALTH, THERMAL TOURISM.

Here the agents, hotels, need restructuring of institutions providing services to tourism, what is unknown prices, a strange occurring in the wild is a strange situation last year structure, Turks destroy the tourism community annuity heads, this strange, primitive structure, but a tourism sinking of Turkey consists ..

For this reason, we take these studies under control and provide health tourism quality acretides in tourism service, hotel service. at least 20 more will be selected from Turkey about this hotel. We will start piloting these hotels and territories from east to west, from north to south,

This study will take a step towards a healthy life in health care, health, thermal and medical tourism as well as a giant reform of the health care system and also providing only 15 million jobs for nursing. Total Tourism and other fields are added together with a serious calculation and millions of jobs and employment we will provide support by investing and controlling the studies that will pass on to the first applications and will continue and we have found this possibility.

Also healthy life; we will make a second world congress for economic development, national development plans and programs very soon from a working network that also stimulates healthy environment and healthy food,

These projects are initiated parallel to each other in a structure that supports and supports each other.

Do not be a spectator, support this big formation?


Healthy Community-
Great Healthy Community
and Elderly – Patient Care Givers Association



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